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You know what I haven’t reblogged in a while? OTTERS. 

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"Don’t kiss me during the fireworks. Kiss me after and give everyone else something to look at once chaos has passed. Don’t kiss me when you don’t know what else to say, kiss me when that’s all that needs to be said. Don’t kiss me at all the right times, kiss me mid sentence because my lips were moving, and you were jealous of the air because they weren’t moving on yours. Don’t read up on old fairy tales I don’t want a fairy tale. I want real and in the moment. So kiss me when you’re up in flames and about to burst. Kiss me when the tears are doing all the work. Kiss me hard and kiss me good."

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horror movies that begin with “based on a true story”


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"We all love someone way too fucking much."

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"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."

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"I like alcoholic beverages on special occasions… and it just so happens that I think life is super special. All the time."

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The Virgin Suicides (1999), dir. Sofia Coppola

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